Community Partnerships

B.O.L.D - The Board of Leaders and Doers is a dynamic cohort of subject matter experts, thought-leaders and active citizens who produce news and content across disciplines and platforms.

Christopher Norris is an award-winning journalist, online content producer and professional drummer, born in Philadelphia. As the CEO of Techbook Online Corporation, Norris oversees a strategic initiative to encourage the production of diversified contents in the global information networks. A thought-leader in econology, politics, black men and boy issues and innovation, Norris' works regularly appears on The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project and Comcast's PhillyinFocus platform.

Rashaun Williams is an award-winning social entrepreneur, community organizer and thought-leader in the areas of econology, community advancement and youth entrepernuership. The youngest BMe Leader in Philadelphia and a Mobilizer Academy mentor, Williams leads weekly workshops with youth providing information and education on hyper-local journalism and social entrepernuership.

Richard Taylor is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and mentor, whose story of overcoming suicide, domestic violence, morbid obesity and depression - appropriately titled, Unashamed - is changing the lives of young people worldwide. Considered "The Voice of Chicago," Taylor is on a mission to become one of the most influential voices of his generation.

Isaiah Thomas is the youngest democratic City Council candidate in the history of Philadelphia. An award-winning mentor featured in Techbook Online's ground-breaking publication, The Black His-Story Book: A Collection of Narratives from Black Male Mentors, Thomas, who holds a Masters in Early Education from Lincoln University, is a thought-leader in the areas of policy, mentorship and education reform.

Keon Gerow is the founding Pastor of Catalyst for Change Ministries, one of the fastest growing, millennial-led churches in the city of Philadelphia. Preferring blue jeans instead of a Brooks Brothers suit in the pulpit, Gerow, who holds a Bachelor's degree from Morehouse College and a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, thinks and writes at the intersection of ministry and social movements.

Andre Dandridge is a 2012 BMe Leader and the Founder of A law school graduate who helps small businesses overcome legal obstacles, Dandridge is a thought-leader in the areas of leadership, fatherhood, and mentorship, and will be producing monthly fictional stories dealing with the real-life issues young fathers face.

Dr. Vibe is the lovable host of The Dr. Vibe Show, which broadcasts from Toronto Canada, and won a 2012 Black Weblog Award for Best International Blog. Dr. Vibe is a promotional partner for The Black His-Story Book: A Collection of Narratives from Black Male Mentors, hosting monthly, live, on-air conversations with the black men featured in the compendium. A thought-leader in the areas of black manhood, masculinity, media and more, Dr. Vibe, as a member of BOLD, will be working in partnership with Techbook Online to produce quarterly, international online town halls, featuring inspired black men from across the globe.

Jack Park is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania and first non-black male to join B.O.L.D. A suicide survivor who now provides informal suicide prevention counseling of other young people dealing with depression, Park is a thought-leader in mental health, religion and love.

Joshua Rivers is an award-winning author of two books, inspirational teacher, and motivational speaker. A second-year theology student as well as a native to Southwest Philadelphia, Rivers blends spiritual content and everyday life to produce motivational and encouraging messages to people around the world.

Juwan Z. Bennett is an award-winning McNair Scholar who is obtaining his PhD in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Currently performing Participatory Action Research on how race, gender and class affect bail outcomes in Atlanta and Philadelphia. Bennett, a thought-leader in the areas of social justice, responsibilities of the black middle class, the black church and black men and boy issues, will produce narratives at the intersection of academia and activism.