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Animation in Action: High School students interact with Brainchild & W.O.R.M

Brainchild & W.O.R.MĀ®

(Early childhood education)

Education for sustainability in the early years is a significantly under-practiced and under-examined field. Early childhood education is about laying a sound intellectual, psychological, emotional, social and physical foundation for development and lifelong learning; it has an enormous potential in fostering values, attitudes, skills and behaviors that support sustainable development. If children are to grow up in a world that maximizes their life opportunities, recognizes their capacities as active citizens and nurtures hope, peace, equity and sustainability, adults cannot do 'business as usual' and simply pass the problems of unsustainable living on to the next generation.

BrainChild & W.O.R.MĀ® is a multi-faceted, interactive, early childhood education program consisting largely of animations and activities that promote the following:
  • The importance of being socially and ecologically accountable

  • Tolerance

  • Diversity

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