Every day at Techbook Online Corporation® we aim to connect communities through content by gathering and publishing socially relevant stories of impact, issues, inspiration and innovation. At the core of our work is the understanding that local content is the expression of a community's knowledge and experience, and the process of creating and disseminating content provides opportunities to the members of the community to interact and communicate with each other, expressing their own ideas, knowledge and culture in their own language.

Community Partnership


With the belief that serving the public is no longer enough, rather, the public we serve must first be assembled - and given a voice - we aggregate subject matter experts, thought-leaders and active citizens into clusters and enable them - through training and support - to break news across disciplines and platforms.

School Partnerships


In response to challenges that Public School Districts face, such as student and community engagement, graduation rate, attendance and overall comprehension, Techbook Online Corporation® works in a tireless effort to develop digisocial incentive and interactive education programs that prepare students for global marketplace competition. By integrating technology and social empowerment activities with the creative and performing arts, we can build and maintain a climate conducive for personal and communal growth.

(Techbookonline's Director of Youth and Millinial Initiatives, Rashaun Williams, tests students knowledge on composting during a school-wide assembly.)

Our new TechKnowledge G! initiative informs schools and communities of sustainable soil management practices and engages students in sustainable project based learning activities. To get more information on having TechKnowledge G! at your school, use this contact form



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The steady decline in the Earth's natural environment - such as the rapid melting of glaciers - is not just a technical problem, but has much to do with the way societies operate. We exist to promote the practice of econology, the synthesis of ecology, sociology and economics that can be used as the basis for creating an economy that is both socially and ecologically sustainable.

Wood Recycling [VIDEO]

Plasma Gasification [VIDEO]

Check out Flood the Drummer® using Drums to teach Recycling!!!

Fun is an essential part of the human experience. In play we connect to the child within and gain access to openness, wonder and innocence that allows us to see the world anew. In that state of mind and heart we may claim the prerogative of children, to continue to grow.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Often when referring to environmentally conscious practices we forget that recycling is the last of the "Three R's"

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