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Techbook Online names BME Founder Trabian Shorters 2013 "Man of the Year"

Techbook Online CEO joins Dr. Vibe for LIVE Google Hangout to Discuss Echoing Green's 2014 Fellowships

Headquartered in Philadelphia, TBO Inc is one of the largest and most active publishers on Comcast's

As community news providers and solutions advocates, we are extremely concerned with the condition of America's education system. With an increasingly uncompetitive and outdated curriculum and rising inner city dropout rates, future generations will be ill equipped to compete in a global market. Our efforts include establishing sustainable systems to support Education.

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Techbook Online Corporation‚® HYPE-JTM Beta launch

Techbook Online Corporation partners with Mature Cradle, Inc., to launch Share Philly Journalism Initiative

Techbook Online CEO joins International Conversation on Race Reports: "He answered the call to spearhead protest"

Techbook Online Corporation CEO named Emerging DoGooder

PhillyDoGooder and Techbook Online Corporation CEO "plays" the front cover of the South Philly Review

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Techbook Online Corporation's CEO talks "Digital Dominance" on with Philly's Power 99 FM

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Techbook Online Corporation is an integrated internet, multi-media publishing and sustainable marketing and news organization. TBO Inc publishes 100% original content, reaching up to 100 million combined veiwage a month; across various platforms and media outlets. TBO Inc publishes socially relevant content that informs, engages, educates, and empowers communities.

Mission: To produce socially relevant content that engages, informs, educates and empowers communities.


Christopher Norris has established an excellent platform through TechBook Online for thought leaders with diverse capacities to share and create synergy. Christopher Norris and TechBook Online is a premier social media outlet and an excellent resource for social entrepreneurs and small business owners in sustainable communities around the world. I advise all to keep abreast of the news and cutting-edge stories coming from TechBook Online

- Russell A. Hicks, CEO of Ebony Suns Enterprises, LLC, 2012 Philly Most Influential: Top 10 under 40

Techbook Online continues to meet and exceed the expectations of our brand. Since our partnership began, the Brothers' Network has appeared on multiple platforms, our coverage and visibility in the digital marketplace has had exponential growth. Techbook Online provides the ideas and execution that leads to sustainable growth for the brand in today's Marketplace.

- Gregory T Walker, The Brothers' Network - 2012 Knight Arts Challenge Winner

Corporate Philosophy: It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a world to raise itself.


12.3.12: TECH IT OUT: Philly Drummer's profile promoted - enters publishing partnership with to highlight Philly's Art & Culture Scene.

6.4.12: Philly in Focus names Techbook Online Corporation newest publishing partner.

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