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Millennial-Led News Organization Publishes its 2013 'Impact Images'

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Year in Review: TBO's TOP 20 PHILLY EVENTS OF 2012

Provocative Stage Play Opens in Theater Tonight, Runs 'Til Sunday

8.22.13 Philadelphia - (Theater/Art): Sex, Profanity and raw god-given talent makes this local effort a must see for theater enthusiasts within driving distance of Philadelphia this weekend. ( more)

Breaking the Law: Lawyer Offers Advice to Blacks Who Are Illegally Stopped and Frisked

(Courtesy of

8.21.13: National - (Politics/Activism): Although a New York City federal judge last week ruled the controversial stop-and-frisk program unconstitutional, one can safely bet that on the streets of New York - or Philadelphia for that matter - a black or brown person is being stopped, illegally, for a WWN, walking while Negro. ( more)

Blacks Call for Therapy as Reparations for Slavery

8.20.13: Philadelphia - (History/Activism): More than two dozen Philadelphians today convened across from the National Constitution Center in an open grass field adjacent the President's House Memorial to commemorate the 394th Anniversary of Slavery ( more)

The Racial Inequalities of Stop-and-Frisk

(Courtesy of

8.18.13: National - (Politics/Activism): Remembering the Aurora and Newton Tragedy as I listen to both sides of the debate regarding stop-and-frisk, I began to ponder when, if ever, will a national profile exist for white people who commit crimes against humanity, or even homicides for that matter. ( more)

Philly Rapper adds Fuel to the Fire with Kendrick Lamar Response

8.17.13: Philadelphia - (Music/Entertainment): There seems to be some truth to the old cliché that forty is the new twenty as Kendrick Lamar this week re-energized the 40 year-old genre with his controversial verse in Big Sean's "Control." ( more)

Raptivist Celebrates Hip-Hop's 40th with Parade up Philly's Longest Street

8.17.13: Philadelphia- (Politics/Activism): The culture of hip-hop this week has been celebrated across the country, with last Sunday marking the 40th anniversary of the day Clive "Kool Herc" Campbell held his historic Back-to-School Jam in the South Bronx. While many marked the occasion with parties - including "Kool Herc" himself who hosted a gathering in New York's Central Park last Saturday - The Hip Hop Party for the People in Philadelphia this morning paid tribute to the global culture with a parade up Philly's longest street. ( more)

The Philadelphia Negroes: A Day Later, $50 Million Shorter

8.15.13: Philadelphia- (Education/Politics): If Amos and Andy ever collaborated with the Three Stooges it would look a lot like Philadelphia politics in 2013. I would make the recommendation to City Council that once they vote on the final community-exclusionary proposal to barely fund Philadelphia's Public Schools, that they change the name from City Hall to the Vaudeville Village. ( more)

Stop, Frisk, Repeat?

(Courtesy of

8.14.13: National - (Crime/Politics): Two (2) days ago a New York federal Judge established a legal precedent that should empower minorities across the country to fight against the worst form of legal racial profiling in America. In a class-action lawsuit on Monday, U.S. District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin said that the stop-and-frisk policy violated citizen's Fourth Amendment rights. Judge Scheindlin also stated that police made at least 200,000 stops from 2004 to June 2012 without reasonable suspicion. In addition, during that time period it was reported that "more than 80% of those stops-and-frisks involved Blacks or Hispanics." ( more)

With 72 hours until Dr. Hite's deadline, City, State and Unions Play the Blame Game

8.13.13: Philadelphia - (Education/Politics): Less than twenty-four (24) hours after clergy leaders threatened to boycott the School District of Philadelphia unless the city and state raise $180 million to open school safely, the State Delegation - led by Senator Hardy Williams - held a private Press Conference at City Hall this morning to demand the Governor release the one-time $45 million grant to the city of Philadelphia. ( more)

Philly Drum Project pairs up with Philly's Top Drummers to Promote Music Education

8.13.13: Philadelphia - (Music/Nonprofit): An organization dedicated to helping drummers in Philadelphia share gear, lessons, and beats, held a one-day interactive drumset workshop for high school students today on the city's famed Avenue of the Arts. ( more)

Clergy Calls for Philadelphia School Boycott, say "$50 Million not Enough!"

8.12.13: Philadelphia - (Education/Politics): Despite the last minute efforts of local officials to secure the necessary funds to open Philadelphia schools on September 9th, the more than 100 outraged Philadelphians in attendance at tonight's town hall meeting sponsored by POWER and held at the historic Mother Bethel A.M.E., all agree that $50 million won't be enough to provide a quality or safe educational experience and unless politicians bring $180 million to the table the community will boycott Philadelphia's schools. ( more)

Cuts to Scholars Program Affect Local Genius

8.12.13: Philadelphia - (Education/Politics): In September of 2012 the Department of Education made $10 million cuts to the Ronald E. McNair Scholars program, which means "fewer scholars of color," says Dr. Renee Moreno, Executive Director. ( more)

Philadelphia School Crisis Solicits Reactions From Activists

8.12.13: Philadelphia - (Education/Politics): Today at 2:00pm more than forty (40) congregations in the community organizing group POWER, along with Parents United For Public Education, the Philadelphia Student Union, and other clergy leaders and activists in the city of Philadelphia, will convene this afternoon at School District Headquarters (440 N Broad St) to demand answers to Superintendent Dr. William Hite's recent announcement that Philadelphia Public Schools will not open on time due to funding shortfalls. In addition, POWER will host a citywide town hall meeting called "Tell It To The Children" tonight at 6pm at Mother Bethel A.M.E Church, located at 419 S. 6th Street ( more)

The Blind Leading the Blind: The Trial of Tomayo McDuffy

8.12.13: Philadelphia - (Crime/Politics): It's 3am, Friday May 3rd on the 4700 block of Marple Street in the Holmestead section of the city. A fifty-four (54) year-old mentally-ill blind widow named Maria Colon - who, in addition to making more than fifteen (15) 9-1-1 phone calls in the last four months, has been previously involuntarily committed for mental care by her family with claims that she's depressed and refuses to take prescribed psychiatric drugs - tells police she was awaken by the barking of her seeing-eye dog Yolanda, who was chasing burglars out of her three-story rowhome after the thieves allegedly turned on the gas stove without lighting the pilot. ( more)

A Village Called Versailles - Comes to Philadelphia

8.9.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Nonprofit):A few sniffled; many cried; but ALL of the more than 40 concerned citizens inside the small but inviting South Philly Vietnamese temple were glued to the screen as they watched A Village Called Versailles a film by S. Leo Chiang that tells the story of one Viet community's political awakening in the aftermath of the costliest storm in U.S history. ( more)

The Philadelphia Negroes: A Triple Threat to Philly Schools

8.9.13: Philadelphia - (Education/Politics): In a city where schools are closing and six-figure townhomes are opening at record numbers, three men stand committed to doing absolutely everything they can, separately! This ripped-from-the-headlines nail biting thriller will have you on the edge of your seat as we attempt to answer the new age question: How many adults does it take to open the School District of Philadelphia? ( more)

Foundation "re-Generates" Entrepreneurial Effort to Maximize Media

8.7.13: Philadelphia - (Entrepreneurship/Innovation): When a Billion dollar foundation founded by two newspaper moguls puts more than $500,000 towards an effort to bring innovation to the heart of traditional newsrooms, its clear that the handwriting is on the wall and those connected to the famed institution are wasting no time building the "new news". ( more)

Disconnected & Disrespected, the Untold Story of Philly's Vietnamese

(Courtesy of BPSOS Facebook)

8.6.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Nonprofit): Twenty-one (21) Vietnamese-identified youth - all diverse in age, gender and language ability backgrounds - were split into three geographical regions within the city to conduct community assessments on the conditions and struggles of the Viet community in Philadelphia. The in-depth statistics and untold stories will be presented this Thursday August 8th, from 6-8pm, at the Bo De Temple at 1114-20 S. 13th Street (off Washington Ave) in South Philadelphia ( more)

The Black Church: Slain in the Spirit or Out For the Count?

8.6.13: National - (Politics/Nonprofit): From slavery to school integration, faith has played as important of a role in history as the characters who led the historic efforts. While they took two completely different approaches to the liberation of their people, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for example both pronounced their belief in a power higher than themselves as the driving force behind their social activism. The two out-spoken civic leaders represented a time when the black church was the foundation on which great neighborhoods were built and sustained ( more)

Philly Storytellers Remember Trayvon Martin

8.5.13 Philadelphia - (Art/Nonprofit): Today more than a hundred Philadelphians convened in City Hall's courtyard - some standing, many sitting on bleachers - for First Person Arts' Philly reACT debut, which took on the theme "The Heart Beneath the Hoodie: Artistic Action for Trayvon Martin ( more)

Chicago Educator Speaks to the Disconnect in America's Public Schools System

8.5.13: National - (Politics/Education): 10 years ago the goal of the Black Star Project was to improve the quality of life in Black and Latino communities nationwide by eliminating the racial academic achievement gap. The Founder - Phillip Jackson - found out soon enough however that the racial achievement gap is a myth, there is however he says other real gaps: "an opportunity gap, an information gap and most importantly a parent engagement gap." ( more)

Buried Story Now On Demand

8.4.13 Philadelphia - (History/Activism): Uncovered, the buried story of up to 3,000 slaves lying in rest under a playground in Queen Village will now be told to the larger Philadelphia community during the month of August as Comcast customers, beginning this week, can view the more than six (6) minute, high definition video produced by Techbook Online Corporation® in the "Philly in Focus" folder of the "Get Local" section ( more)

From Korea, Meet the Robot that will One Day Save Your Life

8.3.13: Philadelphia - (Innovation/Technology): Thanks to a $6 million dollar, multi-year grant from the National Science Foundation, six (6) humanoid robots - purchased from the Korean Advance Institute of Science and Technology for $400,000 a piece - are currently being studied, researched and prepared for national distribution at Drexel University's Autonomous Systems Lab in Philadelphia ( more)

Discarded 194 year-old Headstone Discovered at Former All-Black Cemetery

8.1.13: Philadelphia - (History/Activism): A discarded 194 year-old headstone found at the site of one of the nation's first all black cemeteries will be displayed this Sunday at Mother Bethel A.M.E church, located at 419 S 6th Street, beginning at 1:30pm. Reverend Mark Tyler, Pastor, along with Attorney Michael Coard and ATAC (Avenging the Ancestor Coalition) will present the historic artifact during a community meeting focusing on next steps against desecration and for consecration of the sacred ground ( more)

International Tech Entrepreneur Urges Africans to Invest in Digital Content

8.1.13 Global - (Entrepreneurship/Technology): Today a Belgium-based tech entrepreneur with more than twenty years of marketing and branding experience successfully expanded his new global communication platform into Kenya. A student of Marcus Garvey and a Kenyan native, James Oloolo, Founder of, a result driven global directory by marketers, is on a mission to take Africa back through smart investments in digital content. ( more)

The Mis-Education of Philadelphia's Public School Students

7.31.13 Philadelphia - (Education/Politics): Last year Technically Philly published an article entitled "The State of STEM" which they released the devastating statistic that less than 1% of black students - who make up more than half of the School District of Philadelphia's enrollment - graduated high school and went on to earn college degrees in a STEM-related major. The disturbing disparity is clear when put in the context of the country's growing minority population, which now accounts for more than one-third of the U.S. population. While Philadelphians have the right to be concerned about the School District's ability to open safe schools in September, I'm more concerned about their ability to educate and graduate black and brown students to be competitive in the global marketplace ( more)

News Professionals offers tips to Knight Foundation Grantees in Philadelphia

7.31.13 Philadelphia - (Media/News): On June 27th of this year at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, the John S. and James L Knight Foundation - for the first time ever - held a gathering for all their active grantees in the nation's 5th largest city. The grantee gathering was designed to create spaces for sharing ideas and resources, as a way to strengthen our communities. 2013 BMe Leadership Award Winner and Techbook Online CEO Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris was present at the conference and appeared on the Media Relations panel with founding editor and former AXIS Philly CEO Neil Budde, Technically Philly Co-founder Christopher Wink, Canary Promotions Founder Megan Wendell and 30-year radio veteran Loraine Ballard-Morril, Director of News and Community Affairs, Clear Channel Media & Entertainment ( more)

Grooving Global, Philly Drummer vibes on Canadian Airwaves

7.29.13 Global - (Technology/Entrepreneurship/Activism): Here we grow again. One beat at a time. Emerging tech entrepreneur and The Brothers' Network 2013 Brother of the Year Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris does it again! ( more)

The Naked Truth: 9 million reasons Naked Juice Needs New Clothes

7.27.13 Philadelphia - (Business/Consumer-Activism): Naked and ashamed, PepsiCo yesterday agreed to a 9 million dollar settlement against a lawsuit that claimed the "added boost of vitamins" the company added to its Naked juices contained synthetic ingredients. ( more)

Philadelphians Outraged, Shows NO Brotherly Love for Lone Juror

7.24.13 National/Philadelphia - (Politics/Law): The only minority who sat in the juror box and oversaw the trial of George Zimmerman is now publicly stating that she believes Zimmerman got away with murder. The mother of eight originally intended on convicting him of murder but claims the law couldn't prove it. ( more)

Detroit Man Rings Alarm on the Silent Killer of Black Males

7.26.13 Detroit - (Health/Nonprofit): Lifelong Detroit resident Lewis Colson is shouting to the hilltop about the second leading cause of death among men in the state of Michigan. In a city that's 85% African-American, the awarding social justice activist with over forty years of youth development experience is now leading the Detroit-based nonprofit Project Better Man; providing prevention, education, empowerment and awareness to the Millennial community through the "10 Selves concept" process that he believes can allow African-American men to live longer and more productive lives. ( more)

Archaeologist Digs Up History as Playground Renovations get Underway

7.24.13 National - (Business/Entrepernuership): Not far from the one the first African-American churches in the United States, Mother Bethel A.M.E., founded by former slave Richard Allen, sits an historic burial ground where Allen's wife was buried. You'd never know it because unlike the other "historical sites" in the city, the former black-only cemetery located off 5th & Christian St isn't listed as a National Historic Landmark nor does it have a pretty blue and yellow marker. It does however have swings, sliding boards and a jungle gym for as it stands today it's a playground that serves the city's trendy Queen Village neighborhood - a playground slated for renovations ( more)

Networking Beyond the Net

7.24.13 National - (Business/Entrepreneurship): People do business with people they like and trust. Very little business deals are made because your Facebook page touts 300,000 likes; instead the most significant and profitable business deals start with great relationships, which start with networking beyond the net. ( more)

Black Actor playing White Juror in 12 Angry Men weighs in on Zimmerman Verdict

7.23.13 Philadelphia - (Politics/Theater): Enumerating classic theatrical productions that have been the catalyst for social change, Actor Carlo Campbell, who stars as Juror 8 in the race reversed adaption of 12 Angry Men presented at the Plays and Players Theatre in Philadelphia until July 28th, hopes that viewers see the gross parallels between the play's plot and the circumstances that led to the acquittal of the crazed cape crusader George Zimmerman. ( more)

Thousands of FM Licenses go up for Grabs in the Biggest Expansion of Community Radio in US History


7.22.13 National - (Politics/Nonprofit): More than a thousand low powered FM radio stations will pop up across the country over the next five years thanks to the lobbying efforts of the Prometheus Radio Project, a nonprofit organization founded to build, support and advocate for community radio stations. ( more)

Detroit Entrepreneurs Cash in on Crisis

7.21.13 Detroit - (Business/Entrepernuership): While the recent announcement of Detroit filing for bankruptcy has sent the majority of its residents into a panic, many entrepreneurs are seeing this as an entry-level opportunity to get into the real estate business, as the city plans to retail up to 100,000 vacant lots for pennies on the dollar. ( more)

Opportunities on the RISE for Philly's Returning Citizens?

7.21.13 Philadelphia - (Politics/Nonprofit): After more than 5,000 Returning Citizens showed up to the City of Philadelphia's Returning Citizens career fair on May 17th, organizers decided to shut the event down and reschedule it. The career fair - now branded as an "Ex-Offenders Expo" - will be presented by RISE at the Philadelphia Convention Center on July 30th starting at 8:30am; pre-registration is required to attend the expo. ( more)

Attorney calls for the Discipline of State Attorney Angela Corey

7.20.13 Philadelphia - (Politics/Activism): Instead of going to court to find justice, "because there's very little there," he says, Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Coard goes to court to expose injustice. Now aiming to expose the injustices of the Zimmerman not guilty verdict, the popular talk show host of 900amWURD's Radio Courtroom believes even while America is urging Eric Holder to purse federal charges against George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin supporters should file a complaint with the Florida Department of Lawyer Regulation against Attorney Angela Corey, who he believes didn't do what a first level law student should have done. ( more)

Philly's First "Non-Pretzel" Downtown Vendor Touts Global Distribution

7.18.13 Philadelphia - (Business/Entrepernuership): On one of Philly's busiest streets two entrepreneurs seek to create jobs for youth and returning citizens through the manufacturing of their new liquid soap line. Located on 221 S 52st, in the West Philadelphia section of the city, Co-Founders Rashie Abdul Samad and Sharif Abdur-Rahim - Philadelphia's first "non-pretzel" downtown vendors - are brothers and the owners of African Cultural Art Forum, a community based manufacturing business that designs, produces and distributes an original line of products that educates the larger community on benefits of trading in the Diaspora; while marketing products from Haiti, Cameroon, Mali, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast. ( more)

Major Efforts Underway To Regenerate Philly

7.17.13 Philadelphia - (Innovation/Technology): A long way from factories and railroads, Philadelphia is now quickly advancing as the leading U.S city for innovative and sustainable collaborative efforts. The only North American city to be named a Microsoft Showcase City, a global initiative to empower cities, businesses and citizens to re-imagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities, Philadelphia is scheduled to host's tech-driven reGenerate Philly Summit, a three-day (Sept 6th - 8th) convening of more than 100 Millennial students and community members who will discuss the economic and civic engagement challenges facing young people in Philadelphia and develop entrepreneurial solutions to address them for a chance to win a piece of $25,000 and a 12 month fellowship with ( more)

Scottsboro Boy Olen Montgomery Speaks To Similarities between Himself and Trayvon Martin

After a successful run in L.A with the original Broadway cast of The Scottsboro Boys, Actor David Bazemore reflects on what Olen Montgomery and Trayvon Martin had in common

7.17.13 Philadelphia - (Theater/Activism): Since the moment the jury handed in the not guilty verdict for everyone's favorite neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, journalist and media outlets have pushed out stories that draw parallels between Travyon Martin and other black and brown bodies that became victims of racially fueled murders. Hoping to bring awareness to the long list of black bodies devalued by America's "Justice" system, no media outlet however has looked at Trayvon Martin in comparison to Olen Montgomery of the Scottsboro Boys. Long hailed as one of "America's most infamous racial tragedies," the trial of the Scottsboro Boys is now widely considered a miscarriage of justice that led to the end of all white-juries in the south. ( more)

The Black Male Body: Dead on Arrival (Fruitvale Station & Trayvon Martin)

7.15.13 Philadelphia - (Culture/Activism): While the "Not Guilty" verdict is saturating headlines from print to post, it's not the only tragic story of an unarmed black male being crucified by an overzealous, gun-wielding "authority figure." Millennial Movie Maker Ryan Coogler, 26, has bought his award-winning story Fruitvale Station, of a 22-year-old Bay Area resident Oscar Grant to the big screen. Produced by Forest Whitaker and starring Academy Award winner Olivia Spencer as Oscar's mom, the 90 minute feature film pulls and tugs at already broken hearts, reminding us all that Lady Liberty never gave birth to a black baby. ( more)

Philly Teen Responds To Zimmerman "Not Guilty" Verdict!

7.15.11 Philadelphia - (Politics/Activism): Held this past Sunday in response to Zimmerman's non-guilty verdict, more than 800 people convened in Philadelphia's iconic Love Park - the site of a March 2012?s event bearing same name - to grieve with the Martin family and make a visual statement to the state of Florida ( more)

With an Award from Ernst & Young, Philly's Fastest-Growing Tech Firm Opens New HQ

7.11.13 - Philadelphia: (Technology/Entrepernuership): Curalate® - winners of a 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award for Philadelphia in the Emerging category - describes itself as the most comprehensive platform for marketing with images. With hundreds of the world's leading brands and agencies relying on Curalate's advanced image recognition algorithms and marketing tools to understand visual conversations and increase fan engagement, the city's fast-growing technology company officially opened it's new headquarters at 2401 Walnut Street. ( more)

Recognized For Their Civic Engagement, Award Winning Entrepreneurs, Mentors Become Inaugural Fellows

7.11.13 - Philadelphia: (Nonprofit/Activism): Established in the fall of 2012, Philly Roots set out to identify grassroots organizations and individuals in Philadelphia who were impacting the lives of young black males and provide them with the resources, tools and best practices to bolster and sustain their work. Through monthly sessions, training, hands-on projects and lectures from renowned thought leaders, 14 Black men who collectively mentor more than 300 young black males are now equipped to inform the mentoring field about effective ways to engage and serve at-risk populations. Working in tandem with United Way, the 14 Philly Roots Fellows - now with an expanded set of skill and resources - will help the non-profit sector identify unmet needs and create community-based solutions to systemic challenges. ( more)

Out of the Box Entrepreneur Comes To Life in Old Philadelphia Building

Knight Foundation Philadelphia Program Director Donna Frisby-Greenwood looks on as 2012 Knight Arts Challenge Winners The Brothers' Network kicks off their Henry "Box" Brown Festival.

6.23.13: Philadelphia - (Art/Culture): More than 50 people of various races, ages, and identities attended the launch of The Brothers' Network's "Henry Box Brown Festival," funded in part by the James S. and John L. Knight Foundation. Held in the multi-purpose room at CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia - a prominent center city co-working space where The Brothers' Network resides - the 2012 Knight Arts Challenge Winners featured a stellar symposium as they kicked off their year-long multi-disciplinary festival inspired by the life of the enslaved African turned entrepreneur. ( more)

Knight Foundation Executive Resigns To Bolster Personal Initiative, Black Male Engagement

Standing in front of more than 100 #MenOfColor celebrating Day 1 of the second annual "A Gathering of Leaders Conference", BMe Founder Trabian Shorters announces "effective July 1st I'm resigning as the Vice President of Communities at Knight Foundation to become the full time CEO/Executive Director of BMe."

6.20.13: National - (Philanthropy/Innovation): With a long history of creating and running innovative networks for the public good, Social Entrepreneur Trabian Shorters - principal behind Knight Foundation's ground-breaking Black Male Engagement Initiative (BMe) - will officially become the CEO and Executive Director of BMe effective July 1st, he announced Wednesday evening in Detroit. Departing from his position, in which he was responsible for overseeing $300 Million in active grants and endowments across 26 cities, Shorters has received a grant from Knight Foundation to expand BMe from 3,000 active members to 30,000. ( more)

1 Family: 2 Fathers, 2 Sons, 2 College Degrees

6.16.13: Philadelphia - (Entrepreneurship/Education): Richard Samuel Collins Sr., has received the best father's day gift anyone could hope for. At 78 he's overwhelmed with pride as he watches his son Ralph Sean Collins Sr., 45, and his grandson Ralph Sean Collins Jr., 23, be recognized for obtaining college degrees. He wanted his children to see and achieve things he never did, "like education," he admits. ( more)

The Only City in North America, Philadelphia Awarded by the UN

Mayor Nutter presents William Bell, President and CEO of Casey Family Programs, with a liberty bell for his service and support of The Department of Human Services. Bell stated, "Casey Family Programs is honored to congratulate Mayor Nutter and the City of Philadelphia on this prestigious award. This is one more affirmation that children in Philadelphia are in good hands." (Photo Credit: C. Norris - ©2013)

6.12.13: Philadelphia - (Nonprofit): An emotional Mayor Nutter stood before a packed room this afternoon to announce that out of more than 600 organizations from 82 countries, The Philadelphia Department of Human Services is the only North American entity selected for the 2013 United Nations Public Service Award. Winning second place for improving the delivery of public services in the European and North American region, DHS received the award for demonstrating excellence in serving the public interest and was nominated for the award by Casey Family Programs with recommendations submitted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Justice Max Baer. The award recognizes the transformation of DHS over the past six years, including the recent implementation of its Improving Outcomes for Children initiative (IOC), a groundbreaking, family-centered neighborhood-based approach to child welfare. ( more)

As the jury convenes in the case against George Zimmerman, Award-Winning Poet speaks to the "trials of black boys"

2012 BME Leadership Award Winner & Founder of PYPM Greg Corbin debuts new poem, "Shells"

6.10.13: Philadelphia - (Art/Politics/Nonprofit): After working with countless young black men in school settings who self-admittedly are "hopeless", 2012 BMe Leadership Award Winner Gregory Corbin has unveiled a new poem entitled Shells, which speaks to the isolation and criminalization of (young) black men. The author of "Skittles 'R Not Guns" - a poem debuted at the Million Hoodie March in Philadelphia, honoring slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin- Corbin, the only person to graduate college in his family, believes young people have to be taught how to dream, "especially because so many of them already see the ceiling." ( more)

Celebrating 38 years, Founder of Philly's Largest Street Festival Appears at Global Gathering

(L to R: Lois Fernandez, Founder of ODUNDE Inc & Oshunbumi Fernandez, CEO ODUNDE Inc & Founder, ODUNDE 365)

6.9.13: Philadelphia - (Entrepernuership/Nonprofit): Attracting more than half a million people, spanning 13 city blocks, with two stages of live entertainment, ODUNDE is the only African-American street festival in Philadelphia and the largest of its kind in the country. Celebrating its 38th year in ( more)

Tech Founders meet at the intersection of civic participation, technology and innovation

Across industries and neighborhoods, entrepreneurs meet at popular co-working space Benjamin's Desk for June's Open Access Philly convening

6.8.13: Philadelphia - (Entrepernuership/Innovation): With standing room only, more than 50 entrepreneurs packed out the popular co-working space Benjamin's Desk - home to "one of the hottest tech startups in the entire world, Uber," - for the monthly Open Access Philly meetup. Organized religiously on the first Friday of every month, City of Philadelphia representatives - most notably Jeff Friedman, co-director of the Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics - and entrepreneurs spanning the cities industries and neighborhoods, share stories about what they are doing at the intersection of civic participation, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship ( more)

Beginning LGBT Pride Month, Mayors hope to sway Supreme Court

More than a month ago, In a historic signing, Mayor Nutter inked a new law that will provide a credit to employers who offer health benefits to same-sex couples, life partners and transgender employees.

6.6.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Civil Rights): Less than 24 hours after First Lady Michelle Obama confronted heckler Ellen Sturtz, a pro-LGBT activist who interrupted FLOTUS during her speech at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Tuesday evening demanding a presidential order banning discrimination by federal contractors based on sexual orientation, Mayors from across the country - including Philadelphia's Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Atlanta's Mayor Kashim Reed and San Antiono's Mayor Julián Castro - kicked off LGBT pride month urging the Supreme Court to strike down DOMA and bans on Marriage for same-sex couples. ( more)

Philly Drummer featured in video teasing the first Rucker Park outside Harlem

6.6.13 - Philadelphia (Sports/Philanthropy/Nonprofit): Continuing his campaign to raise awareness regarding the health benefits of drumming, 2013 BME Leadership Award Winner Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris appeared in a new video that showcases him competing against a trick basketball player on the court of the semi-revitalized Ralph Brooks Tot Lot, the hopeful home of the first Rucker Park outside Harlem. In a story first bought to you by Techbook Online ( more)

Baltimore Entrepreneur organizes first-ever policy debate camp at an HBCU

Seeking to engage High School students, former policy debater and LBS Co-Founder Adam Jackson partners with Morgan State University to change the face of debating in Baltimore

6.5.13: Baltimore - (Business/Entrepreneurship): With support from BMe - a growing networking of brothers committed to making their communities' stronger - former national policy debater and Co-founder of Leaders of A Beautiful Struggle Adam Jackson, will host a national debate camp at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland from July 14th to August 4th. ( more)

Despite not marching, Superintendent, Mayor visit Harrisburg to advocate for Philly Schools

Less than two weeks ago Mayor Michael A. Nutter visited G.W. Childs, a South Philadelphia Middle School. Taking several questions from the 5th grade students, Mayor Nutter - when asked what he would like to change the most - responded "I would change the way we fund education. By properly funding education, we'll ensure you'll grow up to become productive citizens."

6.5.13: Philadelphia - (Education/Politics): Despite turning down the invitation to participate in the 100 Mile Mission - a march from Philadelphia to Harrisburg organized by Decarcerate PA which kicked off on Saturday May 25th in Love Park - Mayor Nutter indeed made the trip to the state capitol as the General Assembly reconvened to discuss the budget. ( more)

At the intersection of Art & Technology, a Piano Sings

A grand project, a grand piano hacked

6.2.13: Philadelphia - (Art/Technology): In the corner of a room occupied by hackers with laptops and pizza, a solid black grand piano built by the award-winning Germantown based Cunningham Piano Company sits outfitted with a Magnetic Resonator - its been hacked. Decorated with a series of magnets - one for each key - the project serves to "show what's possible at the intersection of art and technology," and "give opportunity for musicians to push what they can produce with an interface they're very familiar with." Now building their second MRP for the Cunningham Piano Company, Drexel University's ExCITE Center - a space for creative people who want to work together on innovative projects benefitting the Philadelphia region and beyond - played host to this weekend's Random Hacks of Kindness hackathon. With live projects that include "creating a solution to allow users to follow primary source material on legislation in real-time" and "a mobile-friendly web app that provides information to guide individuals to resources for the homeless," the hacked grand piano - for me however - was the grand attraction. ( more)

Now tasting success, Cookie Entrepreneur looks to expand his "dough count"

Just Cookies Founder Jason Mercado shares his story with Gregory Walker, Founder & Managing Executive Director, The Brothers Network

6.1.13: Philadelphia - (Art/Culture): Expanding your business in this economy can be a challenge. However the task of scaling your venture is much easier when you're selling a product everyone wants, like cookies for example. In Philadelphia, while Insomnia cookies are all the rage - particularly among Millennials - entrepreneur Jason Mercado is on the rise and hoping to grab some of the cities market share with his company Just Cookies ( more)

Inspired by PIFA, Center City Homeless Man crafts Art from Coins

As Mayor Nutter announces progress on ending Homelessness for Veterans in Philadelphia, a veteran for the "War for Peace" transforms a Philly sidewalk with "Poor Man's Art"

5.31.13: Philadelphia - (Art/Culture): Now homeless in Center City Philadelphia, Paul Klemmer grew up in a "lily white" development in upstate New York, 7 miles for Redbank, in a town called Homedale. With money, backing and privilege, Klemmer was raised on the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr - but admittedly never actually seen an African-American in person, outside of the three "blackfaces" that built houses in his neighborhood. Age seven when Dr. King was assassinated, Klemmer's parents were outspoken advocates for busing and integration. Klemmer recalls his town building a high school to get their kids out of the city, "it was explicit racial bias in that action," he says. By the time Klemmer was 20 he had seen 48 of the 52 states while on tour with legendary rock group The Grateful Dead ( more)

Activist questions Gov. on Supreme Court ruling: "What Will You Do with Our Young People?"

5.28.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Activism): This past Saturday, as activist prepared to march 100 miles to Harrisburg, they first rallied in LOVE PARK where several speakers - including activist and poet Sis Fatima - expressed frustration as they witness the constant decline in education funding and growing funding for prison expansion. Despite signing the Criminal Justice Reform Act into law on July 5th 2012 - an effort to reduce to state's prison population - Governor Tom Corbett (R), in his proposed 2013 - 2014 budget, has allocated about $68 million in increased operating funds and $166 million for capital projects to the Department of Corrections, sending the DOC budget over $2 Billion for the first time in the state's history ( more)

Time to Hang Up "The Hangover" : THE HANGOVER PART III

5.23.13: Philadelphia - (): In the third and hopefully truly the final of The Hangover series, Director Todd Phillips reached deep into the basket of desperation and retrieved a series of over-the-top jokes, puns and homoerotic anecdotes that made light of the murdering and drugging of animals, elderly abuse and sodomy. The movie opens with the irresponsible and off-putting Alan (Zach Galifianakis) drinking a beer while driving a sleek, new, Mercedes convertible coupe. Traveling on a busy highway with a trailer attached transporting a large giraffe, Alan drives through an underpass that's not quite tall enough for clear passing; the giraffe is decapitated and thus the madness begins. There are a few other deaths in this movie, most notably the plot. ( more)

Techbook Online's CEO "weighs in" on the health benefits of Drumming

5.17.13: Philadelphia - (Arts/Health): To be a great drummer, you have to work hard. You have to put up with sore arms and calloused hands from spending hours behind a set every week. You have to be in tune with the audience while performing and sometimes out of tune with any worrisome inner monologue that might trip you up. You have to be brave to put yourself out on display. You have to turn yourself inside out. What happens mentally and physically ( more)


5.12.13: Philadelphia - (Arts/Culture/Nonprofit): A couple of years ago I performed with the Djembe drummers that make up the Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra. During a Black History production at the Arts Bank, I could clearly hear and see how talented these percussionists were. However, what I experienced last night when the Djembes were joined with the Tablas, Sambas, and Batas - during a weekend-long performance at the @PaintedBride Center that celebrated the groups 18th anniversary - left me speechless. 15 drummers in sync ( more)

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden visit Philadelphia

5.11.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Education): With the red carpet laid and ushered in by First Troop Philadelphia City Calvary, Mayor Nutter led the processional of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden into the Mayor's Conversation Hall. Referring to City Hall as the "fiscal center of Philadelphia," and the "iconic seat of our government," Nutter, during his welcome address, shared that "Swedish settlers lived in Philadelphia 50 years before William Penn in a colony called New Sweden. The American Swedish Historical Museum is on land that was apart of the original Sweden colony." He also noted that "the City Hall Tower host the statue of a Swedish woman and child and a Swedish man and child, representing some of the first settlers." ( more)

Governor Challenged as local politicians support District's request for more funds

5.10.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Education): After closing more than 20 schools and issuing countless pink slips, The Philadelphia School District is in critical condition and is desperately pleading for more funds. From the Commonwealth, the District is requesting new funding of $120 Million. Additionally, the cash-strapped District has requested $60 Million from the City and $130 from Labor partners. Yesterday morning at the Andrew Jackson Elementary School, 12th & Federal St, Mayor Nutter, Senator Vincent Hughes, Senator Anthony Hardy Williams, State Representative Jordan Harris and members of the Philadelphia State Delegation stood with Superintendent Hite to announce their support of the District's call for additional funding from the State and City government and its request for labor savings. "We need help, and we appreciate the help that's being demonstrated here today," says SRC Chairman Pedro Ramos. While no percentage of the requested funds will be invested to grow capital and fuel innovation, it will be instrumental however in keeping guidance counselors, assistant principals and music and arts in schools, at least for another year. ( more)

First in the Nation, Philly offers Equality Tax Credit

5.9.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Civil Rights) : History was made in Philadelphia today as Mayor Michael A. Nutter signed Bill No 130224 into law, becoming the first city in the nation to provide employers an Equality Tax Credit. Focused on strengthening and expanding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, the legislation will provide a credit to employers who offer health benefits to same-sex couples, life partners and transgender employees ( more)

The Art of Storytelling: Beginning, Middle, It Never Ends

5.4.13: Philadelphia - (Business/Entrepreneurship): I'm great at multi-tasking. As I'm writing this post, @WWE (Formerly World Wrestling Entertainment) Saturday Morning Slam is playing on my television. No, I didn't leave the television on last night and just happened to awaken to this G rated program - I turned it on purposely. Consistently interrupted by commercials of cheesy children's toys - toy's I probably would have wanted when I was age 7 - the 10:30am time slot is something I look forward to after a busy week in nation's 5th largest city. It's a chance for me to see some of the lower card "Sports-Entertainers," and how their storylines have advanced. WWE tells some of the best stories on television. Their flagship Monday Night program RAW is the "longest running weekly 'eposonic' entertainment show in television history," and many of their character's have emerged as pop-culture Icons; most notably Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). Highly visible, pumped and charismatic, the "Sports-Entertainers" however are not to credit for WWE's longstanding market position in television and live event sales, its writers deserve to wear that title. ( more)

Knight Arts Challenge Winner, seeking to unify South Philly's neighborhoods, curates theatrical effort

4.30.13: Philadelphia - (Art/Culture/Philanthropy): Last night at the Art Museum of Philadelphia the John S and James L Knight Foundation celebrated the 2013 Winners of the Knight Arts Challenge, a community wide contest that funds ideas that engage and enrich Philadelphia through the arts. In its final year of the contest, the Knight Foundation awarded approximately 2 Million dollars to 43 projects, including awarding $150,000 to "Play On, Philly," a program that will cultivate students' music skills by coordinating a multifaceted creative initiative that will teach music production and technology, composting, jazz and more. ( more)

An inaugural charity event, Philly Techies are sold to highest bidder

4.25.13: Philadelphia - (Charity): Over a dozen local businesses and nonprofits have become Auction lot Sponsors for tonight's inaugural Philly Give & Get, a new charity "date" auction that connect professionals in Philadelphia with their surrounding communities in ways that educate and inspire all those involved. Held at National Mechanics (22 S 33rd St) from 7pm - 10pm, and developed and incubated at Indy Hall, the popular co-working space in the Old City section of the city, proceeds from tonight's event will be donated to Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology, which offers children, youth and adults the opportunity to develop the academic, work and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. "We wanted to find a nonprofit that represented the key important communities that Indy Hall embodied," explains Lansie Sylvia, Founder of Philly Give & Get. Sylvia, believing in providing the students services they need to better themselves, has invited PCAT's Director to tonight's event to give a short presentation on its programming. "It's a nonprofit located in North Philadelphia. I want to provide it that 'WOW FACTOR' and introduce it to center city movers and shakers - raise the organization's profile," says Sylvia. ( more)

Partnership connects Philly to affordable broadband, computers and digital training

4.23.13: Philadelphia - (Technology/Innovation): In an attempt to level the digital playing field, especially for the 41 percent of Philadelphians who don't have home Internet access, yesterday, EveryoneOn had its local launch in Philadelphia. The campaign, also recently launched in Charlotte and other US cities, aims to connect Americans to free digital literacy training classes, discounted high speed Internet and affordable computers. As a part of the Philly Tech Week ( more)

Annual Boy's "Power" Lunch Attracts Philly's 2nd Youngest City Official

4.22.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Nonprofit): In an effort to introduce opportunities and careers in public service to young boys ages 7-12, the 16th Annual Boy's Power lunch took on the theme of "Prepare to Lead" and hosted State Representative Jordan Harris, the second youngest city official in Philadelphia. Representing the 186th District, the former Executive Director of the Mayor's Youth Commission, who was elected into office in January of this year, touted two new House Bills that he's putting forward that will soon become law. "House Bill 908 is an important bill," explain Harris, a former Middle School Social Studies teacher. "This law will give citizens a chance to get their criminal conviction expunged after seven years of being free from arrest." Harris also spoke briefly about House Bill 909, which "calls for a person's arrest record to be automatically expunged if a person was found not guilty or the charges withdrawn." ( more)

Growing Impatient with Gov. Corbett, Activists Consider Encampment

4.19.13: Philadelphia - (Politics/Activism): Frustrated with Governor Corbett's refusal to accept the Medicaid Expansion, hundreds of activists - made up by local grassroots and community organizations - marched down Broad Street yesterday afternoon chanting: "WHAT DO WE WANT? HEALTHCARE! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!" Led by Activist and popular voice-over artist Mannwell Glenn, the passionate posse of diverse races and ages ascended upon the Governor's Philadelphia office (200 S Broad Street) and held a rally where several speakers - including State Senator Vincent Hughes - demanded the Governor accept the Medicaid Expansion; providing healthcare for the "700,000 Pennsylvanians and 93,000 children in this state." ( more)

Holocaust Survivor talks "Strength of Survival"

4.18.13: Philadelphia - (History/Activism): Lecturer Michael Herskovitz, a Holocaust Survivor, shared his story Wednesday Morning at a breakfast presented by the Law Firm of Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy, P.C., a full-practice law firm with offices in Philadelphia, PA, Bethlehem, PA, Marlton and Jersey City. The Author of "Our Cherry Tree Still Stands" and "Early One Saturday Morning" told the story of how he, at 13 years of age, was captured by German soldiers and taken to concentration camps - including Auschwitz-Birkenau and Mauthausen. Speaking alone on stage for almost an hour, recounting the story as if happened yesterday, the noted writer and veteran discussed how he and his family survived the Holocaust, and how he came to the United States and has been able to positively affect individuals and organizations throughout the region; the event was sponsored by the Holocaust Awareness Museum. Living in Philadelphia and sharing his story with communities and school throughout the area, the 2009 Humanitarian of the Year (National Birth Sholom) holds no grudges over the soldiers who pulled him and his family away from their family grocery store and forced them endure years of unimaginable torture. He lives a happily life at almost 85 years of age, and is excited to share his story with anyone who will listen, stating "life moves on. You can't just sit back and be bitter. I have five great-grandchildren, I just want to live and tell my story." ( more)

City Controller Election Sparks Entertaining Debate

4.11.13: Philadelphia - (Politics): I've never been to a City Controller debate. Shamefully I must admit before today I didn't even know what they did. But when I read that "Young Philadelphians are especially impacted by city finances," I decided this was an event I wanted to attend. Concerned about rather I could covert the perceived "boring political talk" into a legitimate article that engages the interest of Millennials, Philly's largest demographic according to a recent study released by Pew Charitable Trust, I found that I had no problem finding and capturing great moments to share as the event was filled with laughter and random clapping; the latter being for Terry Tracy, the only republican candidate on the ticket - people agreed with him but given how democratic Philadelphia is the audience seemed solemn about showing too much support.
(WATCH) or ( more)

Olen Montgomery of the Scottsboro Boys Reacts to News of Pardoning

Actor who Plays Olen Montgomery in 'The Scottsboro Boys' React to News of Pardoning, in Character

Olen Montgomery

Actor David Bazemore played Olen Montgomery in The Scottsboro Boys' first regional production at The Philadelphia Theatre Company's Suzanne Robert's Theatre.

4.10.13: Philadelphia -(Arts/Entertainment): Actor, Singer , Dancer David Bazemore played Olen Montgomery in the first regional production of "The Scottsboro Boys," which premiered at the Philadelphia Theatre Company's Suzanne Roberts Theatre, January 2012. The limited engagement, which ended February 19, 2012, featured several of the original Broadway cast member. "The Scottsboro Boys" is now set to premiere in a little over a month at the Ahmason Theatre in Los Angeles. Featuring the original Broadway production team - including Susan Stroman, Director/Choreographer, Composer John Candor and book writer David Thompson - "The Scottsboro Boys" will be more relevant than ever given the fac... I contacted Bazemore, who'll be traveling to L.A as part of the cast, playing Montgomery again of course, and inquired: If Olen Montgomery was alive today how would he react to the news that he had been pardoned?
( more)

Rendell, Nutter demands vote on Gun Legislation

4.9.13: Philadelphia -(Politics):What will U.S Sen. Pat Toomey do? Toomey, who has long been backed by the NRA and opposed new gun laws apparently will "vote to end any filibuster and get the gun legislation to a full vote in the Senate," according to Former Governor Ed Rendell, although that has yet to be confirmed by Toomey publicly or his spokesperson, who declined to comment on Rendell's statement, reports. Rendell, along with Mayor Nutter joined CeaseFirePA in a rally in front of Toomey's Philadelphia office to demand he support commonsense gun legislation. Toomey, however, was in the Capitol today as a 5pm deadline looms for reaching a bipartisan agreement. In front of an energized crowd of over 150 Pennsylvanians, Nutter, passionately stated, "I was in the legislature for 14 ½ years," referring to his time on Philadelphia City Council where he represented the 4th District. "Your job is to vote," he added, then leading the crowd in chanting: "WE WANT A VOTE!"
( more)

Sunshine Week Shines light on New Markets

With the Sunshine Laws shining light on FIOA, and Foundations offering resources and cash to generate bright ideas, can techies, hackers, thought leaders, educators and philanthropist collaborate to accelerate innovation?

3.28.13: Philadelphia -(Technology/Innovation): There's a new movement sweeping the country and while it doesn't quite have a name, it has a mission: To make Government more interactive through the use of open data and technology. Two weeks ago the country celebrated sunshine week, a national initiative spearheaded by the American Society of News Editors to educate the public about the importance of open government and the dangers of excessive and unnecessary secrecy. In Philadelphia, Sunshine Week extended to the weekend. Starting on Tuesday, March 12th, WHYY hosted a public forum entitled "Open Records 101: Your Guide to Open Government." The Sunlight Foundation's Bill Allison talked about making the most of public records; and journalist - including WHYY's Dave Davies and Holly Otterbein- shared stories from the trenches. Ending on Saturday, March 16th, (National Freedom of Information Day) Knight Foundation hosted an idea day focused on one question: how might we make Philadelphia more awesome through information and technology? Knight Foundation - the initial investors in Sunshine Week (2005) - is currently running a contest on open government, looking for innovative ideas to improve the way citizens and governments interact. Winners will get a share of $5 million and support to make their project happen.
( more)

WWE stands on "top rope" of social good

By rumbling Malaria, tackling literacy and body slamming bullying, WWE grapples society's problems and WINS!

3.22.13: Philadelphia, National -(Business/Sports-Edutainment /Activism): In less than three weeks WWE (NYSE: WWE) will produce its flagship annual event WrestleMania. Headlining the "Show of Shows" on April 7, 2013 at East Rutherford, N.J.'s MetLife Stadium is WWE Champion Duane "The Rock" Johnson v.s John Cena, The Undertaker v.s. C.M. Punk and WWE's COO Triple H v.s Brock Lesnar. While the world is watching the action unfold in the squared circle, WWE is behind the curtain in a backstage brawl with society's toughest problems; most notably bullying, literacy and malaria. Statistics show that during this year's WrestleMania Reading Challenge - which was expanded this year to include, a new digital reading program partnered and supported by the Pearson Foundation - over 110,000 books were read, averaging out to 3,200 books a day! This year's WrestleMania Reading Challenge will mark the program's eighth year and will culminate at the national WrestleMania Reading Challenge Final the weekend of WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. More than 2,000 branches and 50,000 young people from the U.S. and Canada will participate in this year's challenge, including students from the Tri-State area.
( more)

Closing North Philly School wins Championship

February 24, 2013: Philadelphia -(Education/Nonprofit/Activism): The majority of students at Vaux High School don't know where they'll end up in the fall. However, three Vaux High School students know where they'll be this summer…New Orleans! Yesterday evening, three young men - Christopher Sheppard, Christian Smith and Christian Rammseur - represented Vaux High School in the African-American History Challenge; sponsored locally by 100 Black Men of Philadelphia. With a final score of 40-10, Vaux High School was victorious over Math, Civics & Science High School in the senior round of the African-American History Challenge, and will be representing Philadelphia in the National African-American History Challenge Competition which takes place in June of this year. Hosted by CN8 on-air personality Arthur Fennell, with guest judges, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and Dr. Chuck Williams, the Vaux team successful ran through questions like: "In 1820, which two U.S cities had the largest African-American populations?" and "Why was the Royal African Company founded?"
( more)

World Relief's CEO talks Poverty, Immigration Reform & the Minimum Wage

February 23, 2013: Philadelphia -(Politics/Nonprofit/Activism): It's the Justice Conference's first time on the East Coast. However, Stephan Bauman, one of the conference's keynote speakers and World Relief's President/CEO, is no stranger to the East Coast's unpredictable winters and life in the inner city. After living in Africa for eight years and holding previous positions as Director of International Programs for World Hope International and Vice President of Programs for World Relief, Bauman now resides in Baltimore, where he oversees the 50+ year old international organization; an organization with 2,500 staff and 100,000 volunteers in 20 nations. Holding a M.A in International Development from Johns Hopkins University and a M.A in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College Graduate School, Bauman, who in the summer of 2012 held a Press Conference on Capitol Hill pressing Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform plan, sat down with me to talk about Poverty, Immigration reform and raising the minimum wage.
( more)

Nutter leverages Washington to help Philadelphians access Healthcare

February 21, 2013: Philadelphia - (Politics/Health): More than a million Pennsylvanians are without health insurance - Philadelphia makes up about 210,000 of that number, estimates Mayor Michael Nutter during his open remarks at today's Press Conference with Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Accompanied also by Dr. Donald Schwarz, Deputy Mayor for Health and Opportunity, Mayor Nutter ensured the public: "we will have a coordinated and cooperative approach to helping every Philadelphian enroll in a quality health insurance program." October 1st begins the open enrollment process for the Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange, under the "Affordable Care Act". Mayor Nutter, as he prepared to introduce Secretary Sebelius, stated "We are literally in a sprint to October 1st. We have a lot of work to do in a relatively short period of time, but we're Philadelphians and we can get things done. We are gonna make sure that our fellow Philadelphians - those who've been on the sidelines, those who have been left out and locked out from getting affordable health insurance, now can get it, as the President worked so hard to make sure it can happen."
( more)

The Justice Conference to Convene Leading Advocates on Justice and Human Rights in Philadelphia for two day conference, February 22-23, 2013

February 14, 2013 - Philadelphia(Nonprofit/Activism): In its third year, The Justice Conference, a two-day annual event that focuses on justice-related issues like human trafficking, slavery, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and human rights, will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on February 22-24, 2013. Organized by World Relief, the humanitarian arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, along withKilns College, the third annual conference - which aims to educate, inspire and connect a generation of men and women around a shared concern for the vulnerable and oppressed - is being held on the East Coast for the first time this year, and is expected to draw more than 6,000 attendees and over 200 exhibitors. This year's conference also coincides with a special film festival focusing on how art and film shape global culture. For more information please visit


Vice President Joe Biden 'triggers' consensus on Universal background checks during discussion on Gun Violence

February 11, 2013: Philadelphia, National - (Politics/Crime): The headline is not a typo and yes it's ironic. This morning while Vice President Joe Biden was in town meeting with elected officials and law enforcement officers - including, Philadelphia's Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Police Chief Charles Ramsey, District Attorney Seth Williams, Congressman Chaka Fattah and Wilmington's Police Chief Christine Dunning - a man walked into a Wilmington Courtroom and began shooting. Using a semi-automatic weapon, the gunman - described as a white male between 50 and 60 years of age - killed two women and injured two Capitol Police Officers inside the New Castle County Court of Common Pleas; at least one of those women is believed to have been the target ( more)

Tony Nominated Actor Colman Domingo plays host at Knight Arts Challenge Fundraiser

February 4, 2013: Philadelphia - (Celebrity/Arts/Culture/Entertainment): Award Winning Actor Colman Domingo came back home yesterday evening to host The Brothers' Network "Mountaintop" Gala - which included a 4 course dinner at Tashan, an authentic Indian restaurant with wide ranging global culinary influences and a pre and post performance reception at The Philadelphia Theatre Company's Suzanne Roberts Theatre; where guest enjoyed a performance of The Mountaintop, a gripping re-imagining of the events taking place the night before the assassination of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Winners of a 2012 Knights Arts Challenge Grant from the James L. and John T. Knight Foundation, The Brothers' Network's last fundraiser was a 5 Star Wine tasting event hosted by Wine Expert Byron C. Mayes, C.S.A., Also that evening, The Brothers' Network Managing Director Gregory Walker handed out "The Brother of the Year Awards" to four deserving Black Men: ( more)

January 27, 2013 - Yesterday's Icons, Today's Issues: What Would They Do?

Philadelphia - (History/Nonprofit/Activism): Yesterday evening at the Moonstone Arts Center at 110 S 13th Street, Activists, Journalists, Scholars, Authors and Historians gathered to discuss the importance and relevance of Ida. B Wells and other Civil Rights Leaders; including Dr. Martin Luther King- the event was part of Moonstone Arts Center's "Hidden History" series. Moderated by Erica Armstrong Dunbar, an Associate Professor of History with joint appointments in Black American Studies and Women's Studies, the panel of thought leaders - including Attorney, Activist and self-described "America's Angriest Black Man" Michael Coard, host of WURD's Radio Courtroom - Award Winning Journalist Linn Washington Jr and Author of "Ida B. Wells: To Tell the Truth Freely", Mia Bay - discussed how yesterday's Icon's - such as Ida B. Wells - would look at Gun Control, The Prison Industrial Complex, Mass Incarceration and other "headlining" issues. Read more...

January 19, 2013 - Techbook Online Corporation's CEO talks "Digital Dominance" with Philly's Power99FM

Listen to the recording here.

January 17, 2013 - Award Winning News Director interviews Philly Knight Arts Challenge Winner

Philadelphia - (Technology/Business/Nonprofit) This weekends edition of Insight will feature Gregory Walker, Managing Executive Director of The Brothers' Network - 2012 Knight Arts Challenge Winners, and TRX Cymbal Co Artist Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris, CEO/Founder of Techbook Online Corporation - one of's largest and most active publishers. Hosted by Award Winning News Director Loraine Ballard Morrill, Insight aired Sunday on WDAS FM from 6:00-7am and on Power 99 FM from 7:00-7:30am. Read more...

January 6, 2013 - ARSIN "sets fire" to North Philly Bookstore

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December 16, 2012 - Activists Fight Debt Crisis with Life Size Board Game, "DEBTOPOLY"

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December 13, 2012 - Dr. William Hite announces: "District to close 37 schools"

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December 13, 2012 - Cultural Co-working sparks life in old Philadelphia Building: Thaddeus Squire puts Culture to work!

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December 11, 2012 - Knight Arts Challenge Winner 'opens lid' on Henry Box Brown Festival

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November 20, 2012 - James Earl Jones receives Marian Anderson Award

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November 4, 2012

WDAS' Patty Jackson accepts NAACP Presidents' Award on Behalf of Broadcasting Icon Butterball

R&B Singer Carol Riddick performs at 2012 NAACP Freedom Gala

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October 19, 2012 - CNN's Soledad O'Brien gives keynote at 3rd Annual Philadelphia Diversity & Leadership Conference
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October 14, 2012 - Rev Jesse Jackson mobilizes Philly residents with Voter Empowerment Rally, declares Nov.6th "Dignity Day"

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September 19, 2012 - Dom Giordano host Governor Tom Corbett for Town Hall Event

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September 13, 2012 - Ben Jealous, NAACP, protest Voter ID Law with Rally in Philly

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September 5, 2012 - City Hall presents Opera Company of Philadelphia

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September 4, 2012 - Former 3M CEO Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest at UNAA Philly 2012

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August 1, 2012 - Step Afrika!TM "steps" for Hundreds at Mann Music Center

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July 31, 2012 - Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis visit Philly to sign Constitution,

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July 28, 2012 - The Quelle Source performs at's OFFICIAL LAUNCH PARTY

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June 25, 2012 - U.S Attorney General Eric Holder awards Philadelphia $3.1 Million COPS Grant

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June 20, 2012 - DollarBoyz's CEO Tyree "Top Dollar" Dumas to open ALL BOYS school in Philly

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June 6, 2012 - Ledisi launches NEW BOOK: Better Than Alright - Interview w/ Patty Jackson

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June 2, 2012 - EMPLOY & EMPOWER YOURSELF - Tyree "Top Dollar" Dumas, Rashuan "DJ Reezey" Williams

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May 16, 2012 - Mayor Michael Nutter hold Press Conference in protest of Mitt Romney's visit to Philly

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May 15, 2012 - Protest of Governor Tom Corbett attracts hundreds

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May 14, 2012 - Jay-Z donates festival proceeds to United Way
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May 1, 2012 - Occupy Philly May Day

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April 29, 2012 - Rev Kevin Johnson calls out Governor Corbett & Mayor Nutter

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April 23, 2012 - Philly Tech Week Kick-Off: Rob Wonderling

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March 29, 2012 - TBO Inc Event Review: Rev Micah Sims speaks at Union SIEU 32BJ's Rally for Good Jobs sponsored by Fight for Philly

March 24, 2012 - BME Leadership Award Winner Greg Corbin performs Skittles R' Not Guns

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March 1, 2012 - City-wide walk out for National Education Action Day

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GAMP host Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble

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Dance Theatre of Harlem leaps into Philly Schools

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Kai Davis (PYPM) performs LIVE @ 2012 BME Leadership Awards

Diva, Actress & Original DREAMGIRL Sheryl Lee Ralph host 2012 BME Leadership Awards
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Tony Danza trades Broadway for Broad Street

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Temple University violates federal orders with discriminatory hiring practices

"Temple University violates federal order with discriminatory hiring practices" -- Rally against Temple! ...(Read Official Review)

Philadelphia's Uptown Theater to reopen: Spring 2012

KICK OFF Reception for Black Music Month ...(Read Official Review)

A Feel Good Moment

In Memorial Philadelphia successfully claims World Record for longest Soul Train Line ...(Read Official Review)

Philly Drummer drums Red, Blue & Blackout

Votes on SOPA and PIPA 'Blacked Out'

Get the money out - Keep the money out

Fight for Philly Press Conference

Event Review: Bank Swap deals may cost Philadelphia Millions

Occupy Philly makes Education a high priority with the launch of the Philadelphia Education Reform Committee

Exclusive: 1st annual Returning Citizen Support Summit commercial (10.31.11) Press Release: State Representative Kenyatta Johnson & Tony Payton Jr., to present keynote speeches at 1st Annual Returning Citizens Support Summit

Occupy Philly!!

They Know What They Want

MSNBC Correspondent Dr. James Peterson & on Professionals for Progress & OWS


The Philadelphia School District gets "Occupied"

read the official event review

Occupy Philly goes Caroling 'Occupy Style'

Occupy Philly marches into Phase 2 with a You can't Evict an Idea March!

Exclusive: Occupy Philly occupies the Comcast Center

(10-14-11)Philadelphia students visit Occupy Philly[VIDEO]

(10-10-11) Professionals for Progress to lead march on Bank of America


Oct 11, 2011: Professionals for Progress lead Occupy Philadelphia General Assembly

Watch the actual march!!![VIDEO]

Oct 7th: TRX Cymbal Co Artist Flood the Drummer® feat in Infitainment's new Documentary "What's going on with Occupy Wall Street in Philly"

Official PSA[VIDEO]

The Guitar Government Song[VIDEO]
Amazing Street Drumming[VIDEO]
Steve "The Student" advocates for Education Funding[VIDEO]
Joe Citizen pleads w/ public![VIDEO]
The Occupy Philly Orchestra![VIDEO]
The Brandt Family Exclusive![VIDEO]
Eleanor Walker Exclusive![VIDEO]
Theresa Brown-Gould presents "Art as Social Inquiry"[VIDEO]



Jan 12, 2012: Philadelphia School transforms into 1960's Jim Crow South for MLK Day Celebration
Dec 28, 2011: The Philadelphia School District gets "OCCUPIED"
Dec 23,2011: Occupy Philly Mega-Caroling Action Tour Super Extravaganza
Dec 15, 2011: ATAC celebrates 1 year anniversary of slavery memorial!
Dec 3, 2011: Occupy Philly marches into Phase 2 with a 'You can't Evict an Idea' March!
Dec 1, 2011: Occupy Philly meets with Philly Black Clergy & Faith Based leaders!
Nov 8, 2011: A "Behind the scenes" look at Philly's SRC
Oct 27, 2011: "Philadelphia schools face additional $39 million budget shortage"
Oct 26, 2011: "Occupy Philly calls for National Bank Boycott!"
Oct 21, 2011: Feather Houstoun nominated by Corbett for SRC
Oct 19, 2011: Denise McGregor Armbrister to resign from SRC
Oct 13, 2011: March against Bank of America
Oct 10, 2011: WHYY Newswork Article and Photos of Uganda's Independence Day Fellowship in Philadelphia
Oct 9, 2011: calls Professionals for Progress march/boycott against Bank of America "the 1st significant action that arises from these protests against a specific corporation".

Education Reform Videos

"My SoapBox, My BeatBox": Drumming for J.U.S.T.I.C.E![VIDEO]
Charlie Rose - Arne Duncan[VIDEO]
Education Nation[VIDEO]
General Colin Powell[VIDEO]
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Mar 25, 2012: The d'Zert Club honors Attorney Michael Coard & A.T.A.C -- Attorney Michael Coard on Trayvon Martin

TBO Inc Event Review: "The d'Zert Club honors Attorney Michael Coard & A.T.A.C -- Keeper of the Keys to our Honor Award"

Jan 13, 2012: Advocates occupy Federal Building to announce Returning Citizens Voter's Movement

Nov 17, 2011: Philadelphia Education Reform: Dr. Edward Robinson at 44th Anniv. of 1967 Black student protest

Attorney Michael Coard's Philadelphia Magazine's Philly Post "How to Improve Education for Young Black Philadelphians"

Nov 14, 2011: Philadelphia Student Union host Youth Town Hall

Oct 11, 2011: A new chapter unfolds in Philadelphia Education with new SRC member

Oct 6, 2011: Walmart® 'schools' students on Scholarships

P2's SOSPhilly: Why WE Fight...

Video: Philadelphia Education Reform: Emmanuel Bussie calls out Gov. Corbett!

P2 at Love Park

Gallery: P2

P2 at Love Park

Mayor Michael Nutter: Exclusive

 September 15th 2011: Philadelphia's Mayor, Michael Nutter signs Executive Order Reestablishing the Mayor's Commission on African American Males

Senator Stark: Exclusive

 August 30th 2011: PA State Senator Mike Stark gives exclusive interview after his speech on new PA legislation

 June 14th 2011 :Techbook Online Corporation®, (TBO Inc®) led by TRX Cymbal Co® Artist Flood the Drummer®, announced today that they have partnered, as an affiliate, with & The Dallas School of Music®

 May 16th 2011 :Flood the Drummer featured on the homepage of the #1 drum affiliate site for

 May 7th 2011 :Techbook Online Corporation featured in the Informed Educator

 February 17th 2011:University City High School in Philadelphia booked for
DrumDuel 2011

 February 14th 2011 :Flood the Drummer® feat in DRUM! March Issue: Beating A Path to Awareness Pg. 98

2010 Archive
March 29th 2010: After 3 months of  negotiations with the Blaque Market Production Co. Techbook  Online has reached a deal. The companies has chosen to keep the inner workings of this deal confidential until other notice.

March 29th 2010: Techbook Online acquired "Joy of God Ministries Intl", This deal now gives Techbook Online extensive reach in African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and Nigera

March 28th 2010: CEO Christopher Norris entered into negotiations with Mt. Hebron Baptist regarding the teaching of its Green education program in its facilities.

March 20th 2010: Techbook Online's  CEO along with Messiah DanceWorks CEO established a private partnership to develop a Technology that can bridge the educational gap between Africa and America.

March 19th 2010: CEO Christopher Norris unveiled the companies new "Green" educational program. This programs will start in urban inner cities The program has been developed for all ages from 8-80

 March 15th 2010:Techbook Online announced its plans to renegotiate with the Publishing companies to bring a full arsenal of course required literature to its social site.

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