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YouTube partners with PBS & Stanford to create Global Classrooms!
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12.19.11 Global News--(Education Reform): Founded in February 2005, YouTube® allows billions of people to discover watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube® provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small. Taking the mission further, into schools that is, YouTube for Schools provides schools access to hundreds of thousands of free educational videos from YouTube® EDU. These videos come from well-known organizations like Stanford, PBS and TED as well as from up-and-coming YouTube® partners with millions of views, like Khan Academy, Steve Spangler Science and Numberphile. With open access to all of the YouTube® EDU content, users can customize the content available in schools; teachers and administrators can also create playlists of videos that are viewable only within their school's network.

The interface used by the students does not include the comments functionality and the related videos section to make sure students are not distracted or exposed to inappropriate content. This initiative is not the only effort on YouTube's part aimed at cementing the image of the company as a source of valuable educational resources. YouTube® Space Lab, for example, is a worldwide initiative aimed at involving youngsters in space related research and design. The challenge is to come up with an idea for a space exploration-related experiment. The young person whose proposal impresses Professor Stephen Hawking the most will see the experiment carried out on board of International Space Station. Although the results of the YouTube® for Schools initiative are bound not to be as immediately tangible, they are likely to be equally far reaching.

Source: TBO Inc, Gizmag & YouTube® contributed to this article

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18 Lower Merion High School students to build School in Haiti

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12.18.11 Lower Merion's buildOn Chapter is looking to finance and construct a school in Haiti. Eighteen Lower Merion students will participate in a program called Trek and travel to Haiti, from May 12th to May 26th, to build a school in a rural village. In Haiti, just a little more than half the population is literate, and only 30% of Haitian children reach the 6th grade. Half of Haiti's children have no access to education. School structures range from being made out of coconut and banana leaves to corrugated metal roofs and concrete blocks. Many lack electricity, bathrooms, clean water, food, first aid, benches, chalkboards, and daily classroom necessities. Lower Merion's Trekkies will live with a host family during their experience and immerse themselves in Haitian culture. They will work side by side with members of the community to construct a 2-3 room schoolhouse. To accomplish this goal, Lower Merion students need to raise over $66,000. And you can help! We are appreciative of donations of all sizes, as no donation can be too small. Every little bit counts in our efforts to assist in the building of our school in Haiti.

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Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj win teacher of the year award

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Nationwide (December 14, 2011) -- Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj have won quite a few music awards this year. Now they can add one more award to their mantle, teacher of the year. Better Education Place, an education company based in South Florida, announced the winners of its first annual teacher of the year awards. The duo, along with several other teachers, were judged based on seven different categories including: ability to capture and maintain attention, the ability to move their audience or create interaction, the ability to inspire, effective use of language, use of memory devices, ability to transform behavior or make them do as you do, and the quality of the content. The only area where they had a moderate showing was in the content. According to Melvin El, CEO of Better Education Place, it's a bit of an irony but no less deserved. He says that the methodologies the two stars are using are undeniable forces in learning. Children learn their stuff because they have all the right methods. Apparently, students are drawn in by the "swagger" he said. "If you are a teacher today and you don't have any swagger, you are going to struggle to get your students attention. It turns out a teacher can learn a lot from Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj." The methods are part of a process that Better Education Place utilizes to create their own hip hop based education programs. They have been known to teach children to read within days. "If it works, we have to use it," El comments. "We can't throw the baby out with the bath water... especially when we are talking about our babies. With the help of hip hop, we can make education fun again." Better Education Place is a company with a vision of helping children to develop a passion for reading and learning so they can excel at education and ultimately succeed. El comments, "It's ironic as well that most of the problems we have in our community can be traced back to reading and early learning. To be good at hip-hop, it seems you have to master some of the very same skills. And two people who exemplify these qualities well, are Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

Melvin El is available for radio and television interviews. If interested, please call 786-443-2478

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Occupy Philly makes Education a high priority with the launch of the Philadelphia Education Reform Committee(PERC)
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12.12.11 Philadelphia Pa--(Education Reform): Occupy Philly, during their December 7th General Assembly, announced the launch of the Philadelphia Education Reform Committee and its immediate actions. Chaired by Education Reform advocate Christopher "Flood the Drummer®" Norris, the committee will focus on acquiring fair and adequate funding for Philadelphia Schools via Resolution 110462, abolishing the School Reform Commission via Senate Bill 1210 and lobbying to allow social service and nonprofit organizations to co-locate into the schools for easier engagement. Long term goals of the committee include, but are not limited to, developing new ideas and technologies that will increase the access of residents to relevant content, news and information. The committee has announced they will hold an official Press Conference in the very near future to introduce the committee members and its partners.

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Philadelphia's Mayor, Michael Nutter signs Executive Order Reestablishing the Mayor's Commission on African American Males
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Mayor Nutter Press Conference (click to watch)

9.15.11 Philadelphia, Pa--(Education/Politics): Former Philadelphia Mayor, Wilson Goode, Sr joined Mayor Michael Nutter today as he signed an executive order reestablishing the "Mayor's Commission on African-American Males. First formed in 1991 by Rev. Dr. W Wilson Goode, Sr, the commission will focus on the issues related to unemployment, incarceration, lack of education and health within the African-American male community.

"I am honored to reestablish a body that will comprehensively address the issues of African-American men in Philadelphia" said Mayor Nutter "Twenty years ago, Mayor Goode recognized challenges unique to the African-American male community, which are even more entrenched today. Now is the time for African-American men to get the education, job training, employment opportunities and health services necessary so they can take part in the city's bright future. Philadelphia cannot move forward as a city unless all of it's resident are on a path to success."

One of the most important issues facing this city now and over the past two decades has been the plight of the African-American man." says Rev Goode "In several areas including high school dropout rates, incarceration, HIV/AIDS rates, unemployment and underemployment, homelessness-- in all these areas. African-American men fare the worst. This commission is part of an institutional effort to address these issues and to point men in the right direction. I am pleased to have a chance to complete this mission."

The commission will include at least 30 men spanning multiple generations. Members of the commission will serve without compensation and will submit to the Mayor an annual report on the state of African-American males in Philadelphia, with proposed action steps and recommendations. the Co-Chairs of the Commission are:

  • Rev Dr. W. Wilson Goode Sr., Executive Director, AMACHI
  • Bilal Qayyum, President, Father's Day Rally Committee, Inc
  • Jamar "Izzo" Izzard. Radio Host, Hot 107.9FM

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PA State Sen. Mike Stark introducing new legislation that would eliminate the Philadelphia School Reform Commission and replace it with an unpaid elected school board
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Senator Stark Exclusive (click to watch)

8.30.11 Philadelphia, Pa--(Education Reform): Standing on the steps of the School District of Philadelphia headquarters, state Sen. Mike Stark introduced legislation that would eliminate the Philadelphia School Reform Commission and replace it with an unpaid elected school board.


Alexander Wilson Elementary students plead with SDP

Kids say the funniest things

B.E.E.P® signs 1st ever Math Sports-Edutainer!

BEEP, The Blueprint to Education Reform
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TRX Cymbal Co Artist Flood the Drummer® names Mary Mary's "Get UP" B.E.E.P®s' International Anthem (Click to read full story)

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B.E.E.P® (Brainchild Enrichment & Educational Programs)


Much of the content of education over the past century and a half can only be construed as an unvarnished attempt to persuade the "many" to make the best of the inevitable. The unequal contest between social control and social justice is evident in the total functioning of U.S. education. The system, as it stands today, provides eloquent testimony to the ability of the well-to-do to perpetuate in the name of equality of opportunity; an arrangement which consistently yields to themselves disproportional advantages, while thwarting the aspirations and needs of the working people of the United States. Education has long been held to be a means to realizing U.S. ideals of equal opportunity. The promise of education is to allow "natural" abilities to win out over the "artificial" inequalities of class, race, and sex. Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men; the balance wheel of the social machinery. It does better than disarm the poor of their hostility towards the rich; it prevents poverty.

B.E.E.P® provides innovative and interactive program models and activites, designed to deliver social, financial and scholastic acheivement through the structures of social empowerment and mentorship. The ideas and principles that established B.E.E.P® are as follows:
  • Freedom in Learning and exploring
  • Teamwork & Unity
  • Personal & Communal Motivation
  • Multi-Cultural Understanding & Respect
  • Incentive Based Learning


Mission: To illuminate life on A Global scale; bridging both the cultural and acheivement gaps between nations.

Brand Philosophy: All societies are emergent due to the evolving nature of human life. Therefore there can never really be an establishment or established society. The world around us has changed; yet our education systems have not. Our global economic systems are always exploited; yet the importance of A Globalized education system is not. One of the leading causes of war, bullying and hate is the lack of an interactive multicultural understanding and education. The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.

Public School Offerings: B.E.E.P WeekTM is a progressive week long school event that features all five award winning social empowerment curriculums; including Taking the IF out of LIFETM and the Rudiments of SuccessTM.

Global Partners: TechbookTM, Flood the Drummer® Ahkaybulon®

Global & Community Initiatives:

  • Project I.C.UTM: The development of a technology that bridges the language and cultural barriers between African nations and American Inner cities.


What Rashaun Learned While Greening his Garden

BEEP, The Blueprint to Education Reform





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