Leadership and diversity Statement

    At Techbook Online®, we serve a very broad base of customers and consumers. To best serve them, we will create an organizational climate that values the diversity and unique qualities of our employees, customers, and consumer base. In doing so, Techbook Online® is committed to an environment and employee base that:

€¢    Reflects the growing diversity of our customers and consumers in order to serve them more successfully
€¢    Is supported by management policies that respond to the needs of a diverse workforce, is inclusive, and enables the full contribution of every person in the organization.
€¢    Is sensitive and responsive to diversity among customers, consumers, suppliers, and communities in which we work.
€¢    Is sensitive and responsive to the work-life needs of our employees
€¢    Promote a sense of company responsibility on issues of diversity and inclusion.

We have built a strong business case for diversity and inclusion, which has enables us to create a culture to attract, retain, and engage employees from all walks of life. We know that when our workforce reflects the diversity of our consumer base, we are able to forge stronger relationships in the community, in the marketplace, and with our stakeholders. One significant enabler is the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, a group of senior executives and community partners, that provides guidance, support and sponsorship for creating a culture of inclusion here at Techbook Online®

Techbook Online®, in an effort to help fund and support both the employees of TBO and its consumers, have created €œTBO Endorsement€ program. This programs sponsors' employees and/or consumers financially and socially; and allows them to pursue their dreams and endeavors while still promoting and networking for TBO.