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One of the foremost challenges of the 21st century will be the "deconstruction" of the great monument of "Eurocentric" history which has been erected over centuries, and which cast a giant shadow over the world today. For generations to come, our students must continue the task of uncovering the historical records that accurately and adequately reflect the role and relevance of Africa and her sons and daughters. Ahkaybulon®, a play on the original name for Africa, is a multi-dimensional, international initiative to restore Africa, moreover its poorest countries, back to a place of wealth. Initiatives currently include, but are not limited to, the production of Ahkaybulon® Drums; custom, handcrafted drums from Kenya.

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Uganda:related facts

The original name of Africa before Colonization was Akubulan.

Uganda is also known as "The Pearl of Africa"

There are 6 stripes on the Ugandan Flag, 2 each of black, Yellow and Red

The National Bird is Crowned Crane

There are approximately 56 tribes in Uganda

The "national attire in Uganda is for women the GOMESI and it was created by an ancestor of Mr. Paul Senkungu, the male attire is called Kanzu. The Ugandan national anthem was written by Mr. ?, the father of Ms. Sanyu

The capital city is Kampala and its name derives from a Luganda expression "Kosozi" Kampala which means Hill of Antelope. Mustesa I, the Kabaka (king) of Buganda, had chosen the area that was to become Kampala as one of his favorite hunting grounds. The area was made up of numerous rolling hills and lush wetlands. It was an ideal breeding ground for various game, particularly a species of antelope, the Impala (Aepyceros melampus). The origin of the word is likely from the Zulu Language in South Africa.



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