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A joint venture between the Dallas School of Music & MusickEd.com, The Discover,Learn & Play Music Course is a innovative education tool allowing students of all ages to experience a self paced curriculum that offers freedom of self-exploration and guidance from our faculty. Watch our Official Promo video to learn more!

The study of the effects of music on the mind and brain has been a subject of interest for many. The interconnection between music and the physical and mental health of human beings has been researched since long. The research has concluded that music does have positive effects on the mind and brain of human beings. Music has the power of healing certain ailments. Indian classical music has been found to have the strongest healing powers. Be it about fighting anxiety, be it about speeding the healing process, music is the answer to all the queries. Rhythm is also an important aspect of music to study when looking at responses to music. There are two responses to rhythm. These responses are hard to separate because they are related, and one of these responses cannot exist without the other. These responses are (1) the actual hearing of the rhythm and (2) the physical response to the rhythm. Rhythm organizes physical movements and is very much related to the human body.

By tapping into latent creativity, children can express their emotions in a healthy and creative way. The teenage years can be especially high-stress times, with college looming in the horizon and everyday teen pressures weighing on the young mind. Self-expression is something that teens can have difficulty with when they are unhappy and frustrated, with no outlet other than violence. The evolution of performing arts has allowed for positive self-expression even among troubled youth. There are even performing arts for the incarcerated youth, as it promotes a positive way to relieve angst and displaced anger. This program has seen positive progress and has the potential to give anyone who is willing a second chance at life through art. The Arts are an essential part of public education. From dance and music to theatre and the visual arts, the arts give children a unique means of expression, capturing their passions and emotions, and allowing them to explore new ideas, subject matter, and cultures. They bring us joy in every aspect of our lives. Arts education not only enhances students' understanding of the world around them, but it also broadens their perspective on traditional academics. The arts give us the creativity to express ourselves, while challenging our intellect. The arts integrate life and learning for all students and are integral in the development of the whole person. The Arts communicate and speak to us in ways that teach literacy and enhance our lives. We must continue to find a place for arts programs and partnerships not only for what it teaches students about art, but for what it teaches us all about the world we live in.

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