"Y.E.S! we can, Y.E.S! we will"


Y.E.S! is a youth empowerment organization that provides interactive internships for High School and College Juniors and Seniors interested in entrepernuership. Futhermore, Y.E.S!, in conjunction with B.E.E.P, develops innovative summer enrichment models and programs that are activated in partnership with School Districts and community centers. In an effort to offer opportunities free of charge to community members, Y.E.S! offsets its cost by offering a corporate solutions called The Marketing MentalityTM; an innovative series of group workshops that allows students to become the brand and product development team for Corporations.

Mission: To provide real world opportunities and lifelong support to entrepreneurs; teaching the intangibles of success and molding future global leaders.

Brand Philosophy: When a child is given real world opportunities, coupled with mentorship and lifelong support, success is the inevitable. However, when the opposite is done, the opposite becomes true.

Public School Offerings: Students are eligible for internships depending on certain criteria, such as grade point average and attendance.

Global Partners: B.E.E.P

Global and Community Initiatives
  • Restoring Historical Landmarks & Community Rehabilitation.

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